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In response she introduced Clayface, concealed since the Batman, to provide with the Joker once the their present

In response she introduced Clayface, concealed since the Batman, to provide with the Joker once the their present

“The past Laugh”

To the Joker’s birthday celebration, Harley Quinn unexpectedly arrived at the base of his tower stating for a gift to possess him. He mockingly stated how the guy killed Poison Ivy purposely, but Harley insisted that she is actually standard, you to definitely she planned to get on this new “successful side”, that your Joker said was some adult regarding the lady. It thrilled the brand new Joker, exactly who insisted one Harley play “Pleased Birthday” so you can him, but so it caused Clayface to burst aside with the tune also, sharing towards the Joker that this was not the true Batman.

He including turned into Batman into a good cuckoo time clock, and you can manage electrocute your enjoyment

Panicking, Harley shot a skyrocket at Joker’s tower, pressuring your to dodge. But not, the new blast interrupted the actual Batman, who had been looking to ambush the new Joker as he are sidetracked, merely for enough time to your Joker to see your and you may operate. The Joker fled into heart of one’s tower and you may erected a protective dome as much as himself, from which area knock-away gasoline started initially to flood the room, slamming aside Batman and you will allowing your is caught. The newest Joker then started again order of one’s tower’s defense expertise, extending hooks to capture each of Harley’s crew except the woman, exactly who nimbly dodged and escaped the brand new ammo the fresh tower attempt shortly after their.

Which have Batman, the brand new Legion off Doom, as well as the Justice Group gone, and with Gotham Town still during the in pretty bad shape adopting the plant beast assault, the brand new Joker without difficulty took over the state and you may turned they into the an enthusiastic authoritarian town-state. Lower than his code he created a tiny army (that would destroy anyone who don’t laugh within Joker’s jokes) and put a bounty to the Harley Quinn to have simply take. Personally, the guy begin torturing Harley’s hookup Fresno staff by the tearing away Queen Shark’s white teeth and make a necklace, forcing Doctor Psycho to look at feminist rallies continuous, putting Sy Borgman down a great spiral stairways, and you can framing Clayface on a statue from himself.

Unfortunately into the Joker, his victories soon paled getting your, and then he turned bored with what he’d. He reminisced about the minutes he would invest which have Harley Quinn, providing far more disruptive once they accomplished ultimately causing particular worst or other. The guy pondered what was completely wrong with themselves, and became angered whenever Batman advised that it was as the the guy was a good “sociopathic narcissist”. The guy expected “who do do you consider you’re, a doctor?” from which area Scarecrow chose to learn, and you can ripped brand new cover-up off Batman as he is actually likely, staggering her or him each other while they realized he had been indeed Bruce Wayne. The new Joker in the future turned even angrier just after Scarecrow found his name, while the Joker liked the new mystery, of course, if Scarecrow proceeded to fairly share Harley he turned into enraged. The guy sample acid on the flower to your their top on to Scarecrow’s head, causing their head to help you explode, but even one to did not cheer up the new Joker. He simply complained in order to Batman throughout the not getting their electronic vehicles from WayneTech.

Obsessed with Harley, the newest Joker put out several flyers saying he would play her team, attempting to lure this lady into the. So it succeeded, however, she arrived in a suicide vest happy to destroy by herself if the guy did not launch the woman loved ones. Trying to find the lady real time, he allowed the girl in the tower and you may questioned her to get on her behalf dated Harley Quinn clothes. She rejected, claiming she would rather die or take him together with her, however, he previously her crew members regional – doing this manage kill them, also. With these people because leverage, he was ultimately able to coerce their toward using it in exchange for their release, he recognized due to the fact “a person out-of my keyword”. The guy spoke so you can Harley after that and said one to she try this new forgotten piece so you’re able to their glee, which she pretended to think, so that as both came in to possess a hug, they stabbed one another.

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